Site Engineer Basics Course

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Your first step to be a professional engineer on work site
A professional executive engineer preparation course (The preparation of site civil engineer)

This course aims to prepare newly graduated engineers and students who are about to finish studying the Faculty of Engineering for practical life and how to manage engineering works within the site. The trainee also learns how to receive all engineering works in all the ways recognized by the engineering staff. The trainee is exposed to all the problems and consequences that he may face. In the field of work and how to act and solve those problems in the required engineering form, as well as knowing all the materials used in the field for engineering work

This course is divided into two parts
1- Theoretical part (Lectures + Practical)
2- On-site part (The trainees visit to the engineering work site)

Course content:
First lecture: Introduction to the basics of site engineering work and responsibilities.
Lecture 2: Basics of Plan Reading, Basic BOQ Reading, Introduction to ITP and WMS.
The third lecture: Types of structures and soil construction methods in the sites.
The fourth lecture: the basic methods of building reinforced concrete.
Fifth Lecture: The basic methods of building steel structures.
Lecture Six: The basic methods of building bricks and interior finishing.

7 Lecture: The basic method – Observing the site – and taking notes.
Lecture 8: Fundamentals of QS Engineering for Site Engineers.
9 Lecture: final exam and certificate

Course Duration: 1 week, 2 hours each day
Online or Face to face
With site visit

Lecturer / Eng. Ahmed Bashar

Coach experience:
In local and international (foreign) companies

Registration link :https://panel.microtech-mict.tech/register/56

Address :
Baghdad – Karrada outside – near Uqba bin Nafie Square

Basra – Al-Twaisa – Olympic Committee Street – Al-Twaisa Mall – 4th Floor

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